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Size 42*73mm
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
E-liquid content: 12ml
Nicotine content: 5%

Lush ice
mint ice
banana ice
bule razz
strawberry banana
Rainbow candy
purple rain
tropical fruit
Pina colada
Blueberry Mint

Quantity discount

Quantity Price
60 -299 $0.00
300 -899 $0.00
900 -1499 $0.00
1500 -2999 $0.00
3000 -5999 $0.00
6000 -9999 $0.00
10000 -29999 $0.00
30000 -59999 $0.00
60000 -89999 $0.00
90000 + $0.00

16 reviews for FUME INFINITY 3500 PUFFS

  1. Amc


  2. Bryan

    Great taste Great strength 5% high recommend.

  3. Patricia lawson

    I love the sweet flavor

  4. Llolanda

    The fume infinity are our favorite vapes we have tried. They have the best flavors by far and they seems to last the longest. Other designs seem to run out faster but the fume infinity tastes good until it’s empty.

  5. Eric

    I really really enjoy your strawberry banana however, the last two boxes that I bought of the 3500 puffs just did not last more than a week. When they used to last 2 to 3 weeks, I bought it and a shop downtown Fort Lauderdale unless they just got a bad batch.

  6. Estibaliz

    Estoy en Chile, me gusta mucho FUME VAPE, quiero comprar su vape a granel, cual es el mejor precio que me pueden dar?

  7. Anthony

    Will buy again!

  8. nikola

    it literally died when i took 3 puffs from it, right after opening. tasted like a burnt vape since first puff, huge waste of money rlly sad ;/

  9. Dániel Kozsán


  10. Dániel Kozsán


  11. Leslie W

    Bought my Fume Infinity six days ago. I’m an average puffer. It died on me today. My Fume Ultra lasted seven days, not happy with the Infinity… don’t think I will be buying another one.

  12. Flavius

    Holds for a long while

  13. Diana

    Company needs to supply more Strawberry/Watermelon. Why not when it’s a very popular flavor. Sold out everywhere. Why not restock? Maybe they just don’t care, and oly want to sell the junk flavors they can’t get rid of??

  14. Meo

    Amazing flavors

  15. Meo

    Amazing flavors 10 out of 10 will try again

  16. Quavon

    Best thing ever

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