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Size 19*89mm
Battery capacity: 850mAh
E-liquid content: 6ml
Nicotine content: 5%

Flavors List:
Lush ice
mint ice
banana ice
bule razz
strawberry banana
Rainbow candy
purple rain
tropical fruit
Strawberry Watermelon
Peach Ice
Blueberry Mint


Quantity discount

Quantity Price
60 -299 $0.00
300 -899 $0.00
900 -1499 $0.00
1500 -2999 $0.00
3000 -5999 $0.00
6000 -9999 $0.00
10000 -29999 $0.00
30000 -59999 $0.00
60000 -89999 $0.00
90000 + $0.00

10 reviews for FUME EXTRA 1500 PUFFS

  1. no one


  2. Betty

    So disappointed that for the past three months I’ve bought the fumes and they use to last me a week and three days and now only last 3 to 4 days. Sad to say that I will Not be spending my money on this brand anymore.

  3. priyanka nandi


  4. Eric

    I think the quality is pretty good price point at most places.

  5. Marcelle

    Good flavor. I have tried many different flavor options with the fume extra and the flavors are always spot on.

  6. Angela Thompson

    Nice pull and design

  7. Damian Morales


  8. Terry Taylor

    New never opened fume extra 1500 puffs will not work at all it’s like it’s dead and no place to charge it

  9. Dj

    Lasted 2 days👎🏾

  10. Stina

    The banana ice is my favorite and I moved where apparently no one sells them and it sucks

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